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Are your meats ready to eat?

yes they are, you don't need to cook it when it gets to you. You can start eating it immediately

What is the delivery window?

 Delivery is same day if payment is made before 12pm. But if payment is made after 12pm, It is next day

Are the chickens imported?

No, our chickens are raised locally without the use of antibiotics and Vaccines

What is the difference between Odogwu & Combo chicken

Odogwu chicken is whole chicken cut into 12 pieces while combo chicken is chicken laps cut into 4 drumsticks and 4 thighs

How long can the meat last without refrigeration?

It must be refrigerated within 1 to 2hrs after delivery. However you can request for dried ones.

Can I eat the dried ones immediately?

 No, the dried meats needs to be soaked before cooking with it

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Beem Farm Foods champions a healthier, sustainable future by offering Nigerians chemical-free poultry and meats products.


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