At Beem farms, we are not just producing chickens, we are helping to prevent human infections that don’t respond to treatment by raising our chickens naturally without using antibiotics!

My name is Adebimpe Oladunjoye and I am a registered animal scientist with over a decade of experience in poultry production and processing. 

Deciding to start raising our chickens naturally is not a decision we made just out of the air. I have had to watch loved ones suffer due to something that can be prevented but is unconsciously not taken seriously.

In 2018, I watched my sister almost die after going through a caesarean section. 

She developed post-surgical complications. Doctors struggled to save her life. But most of the antibiotics they pumped into her didn’t work. 

For weeks, my sister battled this nagging sickness and my family grappled with the scary thought of losing her.

Several lab tests and loads of intravenous antibiotics later; the doctors told us that we were lucky she survived.

It was my first time experiencing the problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), a fancy term for infections that don’t respond to treatment.

After all the hospital drama, I went home, googled, and found that one of the major causes of AMR is indiscriminate antibiotic use in animal agriculture.

I had just started a small poultry farm back then. So, I made the decision to produce only antibiotic-free chickens. That was how Beem Farms, Nigeria’s leading organic poultry brand, was born.

My vision is to see a Nigeria where what we eat does not kill us but makes us healthier.


Beem Farm Foods champions a healthier, sustainable future by offering Nigerians chemical-free poultry and meats products.


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